Rumours swirl Queen Elizabeth is planning to abdicate the throne




When Princess Elizabeth became Queen in 1952 she vowed it would be a job for life. 

But 65 years later, rumours are circulating that she's planning to abdicate.

Word out of the Queen's inner circle is, if on the throne at 95, she will enforce the Regency Act and allow Charles to become King.
Source: Seven Sharp

The Queen has reportedly told her inner circle that if she's still on the throne when she turns 95 she'll ask for the regency act to come into force.

The move would allow Prince Charles to take over the throne while the Queen carries out the rest of her life.

But the question is, do Brits want their next king to be Prince Charles?

According to an ICM poll - published in by The Sun tabloid, 51 per cent would prefer Prince William to be the next King, with only 22 per cent voting for his father and 11 per cent preferring little brother, Prince Harry.

Clarence House and Buckingham Palace officials however have played down the speculation.

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