Royals pay tribute to mental health charity for 'shifting away from fear and shame'



Associated Press

The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry hosted a reception at St James's Palace today to celebrate the success of the mental health charity, Heads Together.

The Princes spoke passionately about the campaign to help change the language around mental health.
Source: Associated Press

At the event, which also marked World Mental Health Day, the princes thanked all those who had contributed to the charity, which they said had "changed the conversation" about mental health.

Prince Harry addressed the crowd: "All of you contributed to the first truly national conversation on mental health. All of you helped change the language around this issue, shifting away from fear and shame to a more open and optimistic sense about what we can achieve when we simply start talking."

The Heads Together campaign, was launched by the princes and the Duchess of Cambridge, who did not attend the reception.

It aims is to encourage those with mental health issues to talk about their experiences to raise awareness of the issue.

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