Roof of London's Big Ben revealed after three years of conservation work

One of London’s most famous landmarks is slowly becoming visible again.

Big Ben's roof revealed after years of extensive maintenance work. Source: UK Parliament

Three years after the structure was scaffolded, the roof of the tower housing Big Ben has been revealed.

‘We could all do with some good news in this Covid world, so it is very exciting to actually see more of this great icon," said Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of the House of Commons.

He added: "I am hoping the conservation work that has taken place on the tower – an important symbol of our democracy – will assure its place in London’s skyline for generations to come."

By mid-November, the newly restored roof will be fully revealed as an expert team delicately remove scaffolding around the Elizabeth Tower, unveiling the intricate conservation work that has been taking place.

Extensive conservation work continues to restore both inside and outside of the tower, including the 3433 roof tiles and the spire after crucial problems in the tower, including crumbling stone and a leaky roof.

At this stage scaffolding will only be removed from the roof, while work continues to the rest of the tower.

It’s been more than 32 years since the last extensive works were carried out to maintain the clock and Elizabeth Tower.