Robbery, or Tarantino movie? Mexico CCTV footage plays out like Hollywood blockbuster

Security camera footage of a botched robbery in Mexico played out like a Hollywood blockbuster, with the suspect taken by surprise by the characters within the quiet store.

The footage was taken on April 23 in the city of Monterrey, Mexico, at the Carnes Cares store.

A young man enters the store, nervously pointing a handgun at the older female cashier and gesturing for her to give him the cash - she seems to barely take him seriously.

He then turns his attention to an older man in a cowboy hat, who removes his glasses as the bandit points the pistol at his chest, close range.

The robber then makes a critical mistake - he turns his back to the cowboy, who leaps towards him, taking him around the neck and wrestling the gun from his grip.

Clearly more than a match for the young man physically, the cowboy drags him away as another staff member - a butcher clad in their white apron and gumboots - slides into the shot and quickly takes away the gun.

In the background, the struggle goes on, with the young robber desperately wriggling free and making a sprint for freedom.

He's nearly there, when a second butcher cuts him off right at the door, taking him high around the neck and face and pinning him, before all three take him away, exiting the frame.

Throughout the scene, the woman behind the counter simply waves a notebook around and gestures at the struggling men, but never leaving her post and finally picking up the phone to call police as the men leave.

The Washington Post reports that the cowboy - real name Reynaldo Cardenas - may not have looked afraid, but later told his son Daniel that he very much was.

Daniel said the robber had come into the store a few days before to look around, and that he was glad his father wasn't hurt.