'The results are quite shocking' – Antarctic ice melting faster than first thought

Three trillion tonnes of ice have disappeared in 25 years through ocean-driven ice melt and ice-shelf collapse. Source: 1 NEWS

Watch the chilling moment a car is stolen with three-year-old inside, and terrified mother gives chase

CCTV footage has captured the moment a teenage boy stole a car from a US petrol station with a three-year-old inside.

A mother had pulled up at a petrol station in Cobb County, Georgia, and was filling up her vehicle when the incident occurred, Yahoo7 reports.

Camera footage shows a car pulling up next to the women's vehicle before a man gets out, jumps into the driver's seat of the woman's car, and flees the scene with the child still inside.

The car was later abandoned and the child was left unharmed.

A 17-year-old teenage boy was arrested and charged with kidnapping, second-degree hijacking a motor vehicle, and felony theft by receiving following the incident.


Bid to jog $65m Victorian lotto winner's memory goes on

The desperate search to find Melbourne's mystery $65 ($A55) million Powerball winner goes on, with Tatts making one last-ditch run at tracking them down.

Powerball will oversee a "memory jog" on Thursday through and around Brunswick's Barkly Square shopping centre, in a bid to flush out the winner five months after the January 11 jackpot was drawn.

The mystery winner of Australia's largest unclaimed prize bought their ticket at the centre's Scole Lotto and News store and has just one month left to collect it directly from Tatts.

The lucky ticket was unregistered and Tatts is encouraging everyone to search and check tickets in their homes, cars and workplaces.

Some players have been known to come forward weeks, months and years after hitting the jackpot to claim their winnings, spokesman Matt Hart said.

"They've told us the winning ticket was hiding in plain sight the whole time - in their wallet or purse, on the fridge, or just lying around in a drawer," he said.

"Our message to anyone out there thinking it couldn't be them - it really could be you."

But the elusive winner should not fret if they discover the ticket after the July 11 deadline.

They can still indefinitely claim the money, once it is transferred to the state revenue office.

The winning numbers were 32, 7, 5, 34, 38 and 11, while the all-important Powerball number was 12.

Australian Lotto balls Source: Twitter