Residents of Sydney’s most Instagramed street fed up with photo-seekers

The residents of a Sydney street popular for its perfect Instagram-worthy looks say they're feed up with the human congestion.

Hundreds of influencers are flocking to the street in the pursuit of the perfect snap of the blooming jacaranda trees.

The influx of amateur photographers have been blocking off the street, with visitors even lying down in front of cars.

Residents say the popular spot is becoming dangerous, with one saying a child was almost hit by a car. They're asking the council to intervene.

However, North Sydney Mayor Jilly Gibson says it’s not the local council that should be lecturing visitors on safety.

“Council is not big brother. We can’t come in and control every aspect of people’s lives,” she told Nine News.

She says the trees should be enjoyed by everyone.

Residents have petitioned the council to make the street safer but councilors voted against it.

Warning signs, however, have been put in place.