Rescuers continue to search for people in rubble of US mudslide



Associated Press

As the names of the 17 California mudslide victims were released Thursday (local time), crews kept digging through the muck and rubble looking for more people.

The mudslide swept through the coastal community of Montecito on Tuesday morning.
Source: Associated Press

California Fire spokesman Brad Bihun says, "Right now we still are in a rescue mode so we don't know what is out there. That is why we have the canines to help us assist in those efforts to either sniff out or guide us to areas potentially that could have other people that need assistance and rescue."

Santa Barbara fire Captain Gary Pitney said the likelihood is increasing that rescue crews will be finding bodies instead of survivors at this point.

The mudslide swept through the coastal community of Montecito on Tuesday morning (local time), catching many of the victims entirely off-guard.

Santa Barbara County spokeswoman Amber Anderson says the number of personnel searching ravaged neighborhoods has doubled over the past day to 1,250.

Montecito residents begin to decide whether to evacuate or stay in place with possibility of losing all power, water and gas.

Tracy Jo Brewer is reunited with her son who went to help rescue people on Tuesday night and was unable to get back to his mom until today.

The two must now decide what their next move will be and how to keep up with their daily lives.

Sarah Ettman lives in the same neighbourhood and is frustrated with the public's criticism of people who didn't evacuate. She says, "we've gotten false warnings during the fire, so we've sheltered in place."

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