Reporter gets drenching from garden hose while investigating 'hellish' Melbourne neighbours

An Australian reporter investigating a story about "hellish" neighbours has been drenched with water by a youth.

Disability pensioner Margaret Stokes, 59, and her daughter Rachel contacted A Current Affair after what they say has been a year-long nightmare living next door to Rob Rakei and his teenage daughter Sage in Blackburn, Melbourne.

When the news crew arrived to talk Mr Rakei's house he took off inside while a youth started spraying reporter Sam Cucchiara with water from a garden hose.

"Well I can't say this has ever happened before," reporter Sam Cucchiara tweeted, alongside footage of the incident.

Ms Stokes talked about being scared to leave home and incidents, including being pelted with rocks.

"I would not be surprised if they killed us," she told ACA. "I can't let my dog out just to be out in the backyard, I can't garden, I can't do anything."

Rachel also said she has panic attacks leaving and coming home.

"I've watched Sage bash another woman's head in across the road and they put her in hospital."

Ms Stokes and Rachel have video footage of several violent and threatening incidents, including Sage yelling, "I swear to God I'm coming out with a f***ing machete."

After A Current Affair became involved, housing authorities have confirmed they have offered Margaret and her daughter, who are public housing tenants, a new place.