Relief for Australian firefighters at last as long-awaited rain gives fires 'a good soaking'

Rain has finally fallen in parts of New South Wales, bringing long awaited relief to fire-affected communities.

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And plenty more rain is expected over the next four days. Source: 1 NEWS

It's the first stage of a massive trough moving across eastern parts of Australia.

Some areas could see 100 millimetres of rain over the next four days, with warnings it may contain debris and could cause damaged trees to fall too.

The state's Rural Fire Service says while it won't extinguish all the fires, it'll go a long way towards containing them.

On Twitter, area commander Danny Busch said to "bring it on!"

"Steady rain falling over Mudgee & looking like our fires will receive a good soaking," he says.

More than 80 fires continue to burn across New South Wales, with 30 yet to be contained.