Raw: 'Why are you wearing a Pauline Hanson shirt?' Enraged Muslim launches tirade at off-guard Aussie for 'demonising Muslims'

A fiery Muslim woman has been caught on video attempting to banish a former student from her university after she spotted him wearing a shirt supporting controversial Australian politician, Pauline Hanson.

Video captured by an onlooker was shot at Curtin University in Perth and published on the Daily Mail.

The unidentified woman demanded the Hanson shirt wearer leave the campus, despite him claiming he had every right to be there and was attending a scheduled meeting about his degree - but he was quickly shut down.

"You have no right to be on this campus. No you don't. Get off this campus. You're not welcome here. Get off," the woman screams.

As her anger quickly turned towards his shirt supporting Pauline Hanson, she accused the man of "demonising Muslims", echoing Hanson's anti-Muslim immigration stance, and her view that "Australia is in danger of being swamped by Muslims".

The two exchanged more heated words before the man finally ended the conversation and headed into the university.