Raw video: 'That is scary' - horrified driver watches huge truck recklessly tailgate car on Oz freeway




An insane fit of menacing driving by a truck driver who tailgated a hatchback on a Melbourne freeway at reckless proximity has been captured on camera.

The horrified passing motorist, Brett, who filmed the incident can be heard exclaiming: "Oh my god, this in unbelievable. That is scary, now he's at about four feet."

Brett filmed the incident on the Princess Freeway yesterday morning, and following its broadcast on 7 News, has drawn the attention of police.

"We've got a small vehicle, a truck weighing 45 to 50 tonnes right behind", said Acting Senior Sergeant Jason Van Doren, calling it a "recipe for disaster if something goes wrong".

The B-double truck can be seen trailing a Honda hatch for an extended period in the middle lane of the highway.

The hatch was reportedly traveling at the speed limit.

Eventually, the truck driver looses patience with his intimidation effort and overtakes illegally in the right lane of the freeway.

"Now he is about four feet, he knows I'm filming him," Brett can be heard saying the video.

"You go back down and I'll get the guy's rego number of the truck."

Victorian Police say they will be getting in touch with both the truck driver and the Honda driver who was subjected to the bullying driving. 

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