Raw video: Great white shark bites air supply and then swims into cage protecting divers




A group of tourists on a shark encounter dive in Mexico got a terrifying close encounter with a great white shark when one became stuck in their dive cage.

Underwater video captured by Peter Maguire at Guadalupe Island shows the moment the great white became tangled in the dive cage holding the divers.

The female great white bit the air hose that supplies air to the four divers, an account on dive operator's website bluewaterdivetravel.com reads.

A master diver with the tourists, known as Yann, quickly acted on the loss on air, descending further into the cage to turn on a back up air supply for the divers.

At this point the shark, around four to five feet long, was firmly stuck in the cage.

Yann's regulator was knocked out of his mouth as the shark thrashed and he ascended to the surface where he told the crew on the support boat to pull the cage up.

Yann then descended to the cage to help the tourist divers get out and make their way safely to the boat.

The shark eventually became dislodged from the cage after a rope was tied around its tail and a diver went back into the cage and pressed the great white's gills, cajoling it to swim away.

No one was injured in the incident.

This shark encounter, video of which was first published online on Monday, is the second close shark encounter to come out of Guadalupe Island in the last week.

On Friday video was posted online of a great white shark thrashing inside a cage while a diver was trapped inside.

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