Raw video: Drug-fuelled Aussie carjackers in chaotic shootout with police on highway




The frenzied conclusion to an intercity police car chase that saw officers pursuing two drug-crazed, shirtless Queensland carjackers has been captured by dashcam and helicopter. 

Two armed Australian fugitives, John Tough and Calin McCabe, can be seen exiting their stolen car on the M1 highway at Tweed Heads in February 2015.

With pistols brandished, the pair engage in a shootout with police across the oncoming line of highway traffic, captured by a 9 News helicopter.

Each of the criminals attempt to carjack various vehicles that pass them as they try to further evade police.

On one occasion a car hits one of the criminals, sending him flying into the air, and causing him to loose grip of his firearm.

It is at this point police manage to contain the wild men and apprehend them, shutting down the entire side of the highway.

The two men had carjacked several vehicles in their run from Brisbane to the Gold Coast.

Brisbane woman, Kristi Hatton, had her car stolen by the pair, and spoke to 9 News about her ordeal.

"He just came up to my door and had a massive gun. He said 'I'm taking your car, get out of the car'. And I'm just screaming 'my baby, my baby'," Ms Hatton said.

Police released the vision of the pair's arrest as they are facing sentencing for their crimes. 

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