Raw video: Daredevil concertgoer takes off from second floor balcony – but crowd below parts like Red Sea




A concertgoer was lucky to escape serious injury when he dived off a second floor balcony, smashing headfirst onto the floor, during a stage dive attempt that went horribly wrong in Australia.

The 20-year-old man was attending a Dune Rats concert at Thebarton Theatre in Adelaide on Wednesday night when he made the fateful decision to jump off a four-metre high balcony in the hope the crowd would catch him below.

Video of the incident show things didn't quite go to plan, the crowd beneath him parting like the Red Sea, leaving the man to fall flat on his face in a bloody mess.

"He just took his shirt off and started standing on the balcony and everyone though he was just dancing," Brendon Maczkowiack, who filmed the video, told Australian paper The Advertiser.

"So I started recording him and then two seconds later he just jumped into the pit.

"Everyone started screaming and just moved out the way and let him fall. He thought people were going to catch him."

"His face was covered in blood. They had to keep wiping it away. It was intense."

The unnamed man was released from hospital yesterday, after receiving treatment for facial injuries.

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