Raw video: Chainsaw-wielding Florida nun hacks away at fallen tree in wake of Hurricane Irma



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A south Florida nun decided to forego divine intervention this week and picked up a chainsaw instead to join the cleanup efforts following Hurricane Irma.

Sister Margaret Ann didn't even change out of her habit as she took to a fallen tree with gusto.
Source: Associated Press

Sister Margaret Ann, wearing her nun's habit, was caught on camera using the heavy equipment to help clear a tree toppled by the ferocious storm.

Miami-Dade police released the video on their Twitter page thanking the nun and the rest of the community for their help in the wake of Irma.

Sister Margaret Ann works at Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll High School in West Kendall.

While the area may have been spared a direct hit by Irma, her determination showed just how much Floridians were ready for life to return to normal.

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