Raw: Umpire attacked by crowd at junior Aussie Rules game in Australia




Shocking video has emerged online of an umpire being attack by an angry crowd at a junior AFL match in Australia.

The footage released to 3AW Radio shows a scuffle between members of the crowd and the umpire at a game at the Hoppers Crossing Sports Club in Melbourne yesterday.

According to 3AW Radio, the scuffle broke out when a penalty was awarded to the away team at the under-15s grand final handing the away team Albion a premiership win against the home team Point Cook.

Parents were outraged with the result claiming it was fixed in favour of the away team and lashed out at the umpire.

Abuse was hurled at the umpire and one player tried to hit him as he walked off the field one parent on the sideline claims.

"We saw that umpire run for his life," one parent told the radio station.

Police are investigating the incident.

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