Raw: The moment tank explodes during Al Jazeera journalist's TV report

A reporter and his camera have been caught-up in Syria's violence after an attempted piece-to-camera recording was interrupted by a tank exploding just metres away from them as an air strike began.

Al Jazeera's Syria correspondent Milad Fadhel and cameraman Mohamed Kheir Elhek were filming in Aleppo, which has recently again erupted in violence after rebel groups within the city began their efforts to stave off Russian-supported forces surrounding them.

Fadhel told Al Jazeera he bombing was "intense" as he and Elhek took shelter in a nearby building for seven hours following the incident.

"One minute we were thinking we were going to die, but luckily we survived by just being injured by the blasts," Fadhel said.

"We are talking about more than 60 explosions happening every minute."