Raw: CCTV shows the moment empty pushchair rolls on to tracks ...is demolished by train




Parents are being warned to take extra care at train stations after CCTV caught the terrifying moment a pushchair was crushed by a train in the UK.

The child wasn't in the pushchair at the time.

The footage shows the pushchair roll across Warwickshire's Nuneaton station platform and directly into an oncoming train unbeknown to its owner.

The pushchair falls on the train tracks and is completely destroyed in seconds as the cargo train rushes passed the station.

British railway company RSSB has released the shocking video as warning passengers to keep a hold of any personal belongings and put brakes on pushchairs at any station.

"CCTV at Nuneaton shows just how important it is to keep control of a pushchair," says RSSB's Lead Human Factors Specialist Paul Leach.

Mr Leach says RSSB is working to "refresh" its passenger awareness campaigns.

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