Raw: Catastrophic torrent of water crashes into Laos work camp after flash flooding

Frightening footage has emerged of a flash flood in Laos where a work camp was destroyed after heavy rain upstream.

The flood reportedly happened on September 11 in the Thathom district of Xaysomboun, and the footage was uploaded to YouTube this week.

The Vientiane Times reported a catchment near a dam which is under construction took a large volume of rain in a very short time, which flowed down a hydropower channel which is also under construction.

It was previously believed that the under-construction Nam Ao dam had burst, causing the flood, but its owners, Bothong Inter Group, and since said the dam was undamaged.

In the video, workers can be seen running for their lives as the raging brown river sweeps across a work camp.

One person tries to escape by backing out a grader, before deciding to abandon the large vehicle and run away on foot.

Local officials told The Times that no one was killed or injured in the incident, although some crops and farmland downstream were inundated.

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