Qantas jet nosedives for 'terrifying' 10 seconds after encountering turbulence from another aircraft

A Qantas flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne was forced to make a 10 second nosedive because of turbulence from another plane, leaving passengers "terrified".

Melbourne, Australia - November 19, 2012: Qantas Airways Airbus A380 registered VH-OQF takes off as QF93 to Los Angeles (LAX) from Melbourne International Airport at Tullamarine, Victoria.
Qantas plane (file picture). Source:

The incident happened over the Pacific Ocean on flight QF94 earlier this week.

The flight was affected by turbulence from another Qantas plane - flight QF12 - as the two jets took off just minutes apart, Nine News reports.

"It was an absolute sense of losing your stomach and that we were nosediving," passenger Janelle Wilson told The Australian.

"The lady sitting next to me and I screamed and held hands and just waited but thought with absolute certainty that we were going to crash. It was terrifying."

Qantas' Fleet Safety Captain Debbie Slade says the plane are designed to handle the turbulence.

"We understand that any sudden turbulence can be a jolt for passengers but aircraft are designed to handle it safely," Ms Slade said in a statement today.

"As the Captain explained to passengers at the time, this A380 experienced a short burst of wake turbulence from another A380 flying ahead and above it."

Nine News reports it's understood Qantas have not reported the incident to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.