Princess Diana's former bodyguard says she'd be thrilled private tapes are finally being seen




Princess Diana's former bodyguard has weighed into the debate about a new TV documentary on the late princess, saying she'd be thrilled to have private tapes put to air.

Ken Wharfe's defence of the documentary, which includes never before seen footage, comes in the face of huge condemnation for the programme.

"She would love it, for the first time, she would say, 'people now are actually listening to and hearing what I'm saying.'" Mr Wharfe said.

Mr Wharfe provided close protection to the princess for five-years before penning a tell all book.

"This film isn't shocking. I think it's very insightful. I think it tells us something about Diana that, because we're seeing her for the first time, is actually delightful," he said.

UK's Channel 4 said the video tapes, made in the early 1990s, are an "important historical source" and place Diana "front and centre" in her own story as Britain marks 20 years since her unexpected death.

The imminent airing of the documentary have left many outraged though.

Rosa Monckton, a friend of Diana, said broadcasting the tapes was "a betrayal of her privacy and of the family's privacy".

While Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell said he thought the documentary was a "step too far" and believes the tapes should be given to her sons.

The Channel 4 documentary is due to air this weekend in the UK.

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