Prince Harry and Meghan still thinking about name for royal baby boy

Prince Harry couldn't wipe the smile of his face when announcing the birth of his and wife Meghan's first child this morning - a son.

But despite his being overdue, the new parents are yet to have a name picked out for the newest royal.

Media have reported the top choices for the baby's name, according to the bookmakers, are Arthur, James, Phillip and Albert.

However, TVNZ1's Breakfast viewers suggested some more unconventional names.

The name Spencer was suggested after Prince Harry's mother, the late Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales; while others tossed around names including Bruce and Murray - to host John Campbell's amusement.

Leading up to the birth though, Britain's bookmakers were sure the baby was to be a girl - and Diana was a top pick for the supposed baby girl's name. Victoria, Alice, Grace and Elizabeth were close behind the top picks for girl names.

Now, people are left wondering if the couple will go the traditional route like many royals before them, or continue to buck the trend as they have been doing in the lead up to the baby's birth - including a rumoured home birth, and refusing to pose on hospital steps to show off their new bundle of joy.

Prince Harry said an announcement to include the baby's name should be in about two days time.