President Trump called on by former top US military officials to reverse transgender ban

Former top US military officials have called on President Donald Trump to reverse the transgender ban. 

Retired generals and admirals have slammed the president's decision to stop all transgender people from serving in any capacity. 

They say transgender military members should not be dismissed or forced to compromise their integrity.

Little has been revealed about the ban since the president's tweet, with widespread uncertainty over whether it applies to thousands of active and reserved duty troops. 

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The US president has been slammed by retired generals and admirals for his decision. Source: 1 NEWS

Deadly Greenland tsunami found to be caused by massive landslide that created a quake, researchers find

A deadly tsunami that forced water over 90 metres up the sides of a fjord in Greenland in June has been found to be caused by a large landslide, which in turn created an earthquake.

The tsunami reportedly killed four by pulling them out to sea, left multiple people injured and destroyed 11 homes, reported National Geographic. 

A video posted online shows a surge of dirty water coming ashore as frightened villagers panic, with first reports putting the tsunami solely down to the quake. 

An environmental engineer at the Georgia Institute of Technology found the tsunami, one of the tallest in recorded history, was initially caused by a massive landslide that in turn resulted in a seismic signal of a magnitude 4 earthquake. 

Professor Hermann Fritz said in a statement from the institute, "At these depths, tsunami waves travel about the length of a football field every second, so the tsunami wave arrived very fast."

"That left very little time to react."



Video: Baby alligator force-fed beer and cigarettes in shocking case of animal cruelty

A cruel Snapchat video has emerged online of a baby alligator being physically tortured by a group of young men as they force it to smoke a cigarette and drink beer.

The small reptile is being held, hanging by its tail, in the footage as the men pour an entire bottle of beer down its throat, and stick a burning cigarette out of its jaw.

The men can be heard cackling in the background, with someone saying "do it for State" as the beer is poured, and "how are me and my friends not internet famous yet?".

The footage has sparked a criminal investigation which has identified all four men in the video, but no charges have been laid, New York Daily News reported.

Pennsylvania SPCA also said in a statement that they would be investigating the case of animal cruelty.