Pregnant woman dies in US of Covid-19 but baby survives at 25 weeks old

A pregnant woman in the US has died due to complications from Covid-19, but her 25-week old baby survived. 

Michael Conish left, and his partner Allie Guidry far right Source: gofundme

Allie Guidry wasn't due to give birth until October. She was hospitalised with coronavirus at the end of May and placed on a ventilator a few weeks ago, according to WBRZ news.

Ms Guidry died on June 25, but not before doctors at the Woman's Hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, delivered her baby.

A gofundme page has been started for Ms Guidry's partner Michael Conish and baby Madaline, who according to the page, was delivered in an emergency c-section at only 25 weeks. 

"Michael Conish is one of our hospital transporters. He is a wonderful person who was dealt the most devastating hand," the page reads.

"His fiancé, Aline Guidry, contracted Covid-19 while she was pregnant. Allie passed away on June 25th due to complications from Covid-19. The medical team caring for her had to do an emergency c-section to deliver their baby, Madaline, at only 25 weeks."

The page has already raised US$34,132 (NZ$53,106) of the $50,000 goal to contribute towards Madaline's medical care while in NICU.