Powered by fighter jet engine, the Bloodhound aims to shatter land speed record

It may look like a space shuttle, but it's aiming to be the fastest car on earth. 

The six-tonne Bloodhound clocked at more than 800km/h on a test run this week. Next year, it aims to break the land speed record of 1228km/h. 

The car is powered by a fighter plane jet. Next year a rocket will be strapped on - creating half formula one, half space shuttle. 

Yorkshire businessman Ian Warhurst funds the Bloodhound.

"We need more engineers to solve the problems of the future so inspiring engineers is something we should be trying to do as much as possible," said Mr Warhurst.

The Bloodhound is tested on the flattest piece of mud in the world - a dried up lakebed in the Kalahari Desert. 

Every stone and pebble is carefully cleared away.

"Every part of this car is being produced to a level that's never even been attempted before," said land speed record holder Andy Green. "That's why we're confident we're not just gonna break a world land speed record - we're gonna smash it."