Possible sting in ex-cyclone Oma's tail for Queensland

Residents in flood-affected north Queensland could be bracing for more rain with predictions ex-tropical cyclone Oma will head in their direction.

The storm was located more than 800 kilometres off Brisbane and moving slowly southeast today.

Modelling shows the system taking a northerly turn early this week before tracking northwest days later.

"It does look like it's going to start moving north again, possibly northwest back towards the northern Queensland coast," the Bureau of Meteorology's Michael Knepp told AAP.

"But that's still far away into the future."

Floods have devastated coastal and inland areas north Queensland region in recent weeks, with 2950 homes damaged in Townsville and more than 500,000 cattle dead further west.

While Oma has been downgraded to a sub-tropical low, dangerous conditions at some beaches remain amid abnormally high tides and large swells.

The category three storm lashed the northern islands of Vanuatu over the past 24 hours. Source: Bureau of Meteorology, Queensland

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