Police officer pulls gun on Hong Kong airport protestors after baton taken from him

Violence has erupted between riot police and protestors at Hong Kong Airport, forcing the cancellation of flights for a second day.

A Wall Street Journal reporter shared the moment protestors cornered an officer, stealing his baton and forcing him to pull a firearm on the crowd.

The journalist said he was "astonished" noboby was killed.

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The Intelligence and policy analyst gives his thought as pro-democracy protests continue at the international airport. Source: Breakfast

Another video shows protestors pinning down an alleged undercover policeman and restraining him with cable ties.

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The man was seen with his hands bound with cable ties, lying in a foetal position on the ground. Source: Associated Press

Medics struggled to make their way through the crowds to help him.

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam said the violence is pushing Hong Kong "down a path of no return".

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A Wall Street Journal reporters say he was “astonished” no one was killed in the incident. Source: Breakfast

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