Police free woman and boy after 26 hour Brisbane hostage situation

A woman and a boy have been freed after an armed man holding them hostage surrendered to police in Brisbane after a siege lasting almost 26 hours.

Queensland police car (file picture). Source:

The 36-year-old man needed treatment for a pre-existing medical condition and voluntarily handed himself over to police outside the duplex home near Banoon train station at Sunnybank just after noon (local time) today.

"It's been peacefully resolved, which is always our aim, for everything to be peaceful," Patrol Inspector Michelle Piket told reporters.

"And the community has been brilliant, they've provided all the assistance and they've managed to go about their lives without us having to interfere with them too much."

The stand-off began when police investigating serious offences visited the home about 10.15am on Thursday.

Officers were confronted by a man armed with what was believed to be a gun and retreated before calling in backup.

A woman and a three-year-old boy, who are understood to be related to the man, were trapped in the home as heavily armed police locked down an area bounded by Dyson Ave, Geddes Place, Beenleigh Rd and Ganda Pl.

Officers tried to negotiate with him via a loudspeaker and the phone throughout Thursday night.

A series of loud cracks and bangs heard early this morning raised concerns that gunshots had been fired.

However, police denied that those reports were correct and said the undetermined sounds were unrelated to the siege.

The man needed medical assistance later and voluntarily surrendered to officers about 12pm.

He was led out of the home in handcuffs, with the woman and boy walking outside a short time later.

"It's just part of police procedure, if he has any medical issues we have him assessed," Insp Piket said.

"So he needed to see the QAS (Queensland Ambulance Service), not a result of any interaction with police, just a pre-existing condition."

The man is understood to be related to the woman and boy and he is expected to face court on Saturday morning.