Police dye picturesque lagoon in England black to deter people congregating

British police have taken an unusual measure to stop people gathering at a picturesque lagoon amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The "Blue Lagoon" in Buxon is dyed black to deter people congregating amid the coronavirus pandemic. Source: Buxton Police

In a drastic move, Buxton Police warned people to steer clear of the normally glistening "Blue Lagoon" in Harpur Hill by dyeing its waters black to "make the water look less appealing".

"The location is dangerous and this type of gathering is in contravention of the current instruction of the UK Government," Officers in Buxton, a small town in Derbyshire in central England, wrote on Facebook.

"We received reports that people were congregating at the Blue Lagoon in Harpur Hill, Buxton.

"As things stand, it has never been so important to discourage these types of gatherings.

"Please stay home."

Buxton police said the tactic had been used to deter people before.

However, while some people praised their efforts, others commented on the post for attracting "idiots" who may want to go see the black lagoon, as well as others who say getting outdoors to see the Instagram-worthy location is good for mental health at this time.

"You should be ashamed of yourselves. You have taken something beautiful and damaged it," one person said.

"Remove this photo, it is attracting idiots," another commented, while others called it a waste of money.