Planned Parenthood slams rapper TI over daughter's 'virginity' checks

Planned Parenthood and others on social media blasted TI after the rapper said he goes to the gynecologist with his daughter every year to make sure her hymen is "still intact."

TI told the Ladies Like Us podcast that he takes "yearly trips to the gynecologist" with his now 18-year-old daughter.

Social media blew up afterward, with people strongly lashing out at TI.

Planned Parenthood posted a series of clapback tweets, starting with: "Idk who needs to hear this but virginity is a made-up social construct, and it has absolutely nothing to do with your hymen."

The episode debuted this week but was later removed from many popular podcast platforms like Apple, though the episode was still listenable after a Google search.

The Ladies Like Us hosts apologised on Instagram for the episode.

Rapper TI Source: Getty