Piers Morgan combusts with rage over Meghan's Oprah interview - 'They're effectively branding Her Majesty a racist'

Meghan Markle's number one enemy, Piers Morgan, has, to no surprise to anyone, exploded with rage after yesterday's extraordinary interview with Oprah Winfrey. 

Morgan has a long-running grievance with the Duchess amid his claims she met him in a pub for a two-hour drinking session in 2016 then "ghosted" him once she got together with Harry.

Writing for the Mail Online, one of the British tabloids Meghan and Harry would have referred to when describing the negative impact the press had had on them, Morgan couldn't hold back, using words like "sanctimonious", "whine-athon", "self-indulgent" and "repulsively disingenuous" when describing his opinion of the two-hour special.

In particular, he objected to Meghan saying her pleas for help with her mental health —, and the fact one member of the royal family had queried to Harry what colour Archie would be, without naming names — left a stain on the entire family.

"So, we're now left to view all the royals as racists," he wrote.

Compounding that, in his opinion, were claims rules were changed to prevent Archie being a prince and the disrepute it levelled at the Queen as her husband Prince Philip remained in hospital.

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"But, as Meghan and Harry both know, the only person who has final say over titles is the Queen.

"So, in making this astonishing unproven claim, they're effectively branding Her Majesty, Harry's grandmother, a racist.

"It's hard to think of a more disgraceful slur to make against a woman who has devoted her whole life to the service of her country and the Commonwealth.

"The Queen is not a racist and has never been a racist.

"To even suggest that she might be is disgusting.

"But to do so at a time when her 99-year-old husband Prince Philip has spent the past few weeks lying seriously ill in hospital is worse than that, it's contemptible."

Morgan also expressed his feelings on Good Morning Britain

In an interview with the Sunday Times last year, he admitted that at times his criticism of her had gone too far.