'Piece of s***' - Harvey Weinstein is slapped and abused by a customer in Arizona restaurant

Harvey Weinstein was slapped and sworn at while in a restaurant in Arizona. 

Weinstein was dining at the restaurant with his sober coach on Wednesday night when he was stopped by the customer, according to TMZ. 

The man, called Steve, told TMZ he asked for a photo with Weinstein and was declined, they shook hands and took their seats at their respective tables. 

As Weinstein was leaving, Steve walked up to the disgraced Hollywood mogul and quickly hit Weinstein twice with the back of his hand. 

He then swore at Weinstein, calling him a "f***ing piece of s***" and told him to "get the f*** out of here".

It's believed the man accosted Weinstein due to the sexual assault and harassment allegations which have overshadowed him since last year.

Weinstein declined to call police and left the restaurant, reports TMZ.