Philippines rejects UN Human Rights Council's bid for scrutiny of drug killings

The UN's top human rights body has narrowly passed a resolution that includes calls for greater scrutiny in the Philippines.

The Human Rights Council voted 18-14 with 15 abstentions to approve the resolution today.

The measure, presented by Iceland, cited allegations of thousands of killings since President Rodrigo Duterte launched a campaign against illegal drugs in mid-2016.

The Philippines immediately rejected the resolution. The country's ambassador in Geneva, Evan Garcia, said it "does not represent a triumph of human rights, but a travesty of them".

The resolution calls on the Filipino government to "take all necessary measures to prevent extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances".

It also urges the UN human rights office to prepare a written report on the Philippines for consideration at the Human Rights Council's summer session next year.

The Philippines rejected calls for greater scrutiny of President Rodrigo Duterte's extrajudicial drug killings. Source: Associated Press

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