Paris police chief says 112 cars torched in riot as Macron moves to contain protests

The chief of police in Paris has condemned protest-related rioting in the French capital as unprecedented and unacceptable violence.

Police prefect Michel Delpuech said on Sunday local time that fires were started at six buildings and more than 130 makeshift barricades and 112 vehicles were torched.

Delpuech said some participants in Saturday's rioting used hammers, gardening tools, bolts and aerosol cans in clashes with police.

He said some radical far-right or far-left activists were involved in the riot as well as a "great number" of protesters wearing yellow jackets. 

The jackets are an emblem of a grassroots citizens' movement protesting fuel taxes.

Paris prosecutor Remy Heitz said 378 people remained in police custody as of Sunday evening. Many of them will go to trial through a rapid procedure on Monday and Tuesday.

Meanwhile French President Emmanuel Macron has asked his interior minister to consider making "adaptations" to security procedures to try to contain the ongoing protests over rising taxes.

The president's office issued a statement after an emergency meeting was held at the presidential palace on Sunday to discuss the protests a day earlier in which activists wearing yellow jackets trashed the streets of Paris.

The statement says Macron also asked Prime Minister Edouard Philippe to meet with the heads of France's major political parties and representatives from the grassroots movement behind the protests, "with a concern for dialogue".

Plans for an earlier meeting between the prime minister and representatives of the movement collapsed last week after a request to broadcast the talks live was rejected.

More than 400 people were arrested and another 100 injured during fiery demonstrations and clashes with riot police. Source: BBC