Parents call for firing of US cops who pointed guns over daughter's alleged doll theft

A man and his pregnant fiancée said today that they want Phoenix to dismiss the officers who pointed guns and yelled profanities at them after their four-year-old daughter allegedly took a doll from a store.

Dravon Ames and Iesha Harper, who are both black, said at a news conference that they don't accept the apologies of the city's police chief and mayor and have not received a face-to-face apology since a bystander's video emerged and drew outcry.

The couple's four-and one-year-old daughters witnessed the encounter.

The video released on Friday shows officers aiming guns and yelling profane commands at a man and a pregnant woman holding a baby. Neighbours gathered around in a parking lot, and the video shows that a woman watching the confrontation took the children to get them out of harm's way.

The couple filed a $US10 million claim against the city alleging civil rights violations by officers. The race of the officers investigating the shoplifting report last month is not known.

Ames and Harper say their daughter had stolen a doll from a store without their knowledge. Police say no one has been charged in the case.