Papua New Guinea Government to ban Facebook for a month to study impact on populace

Papua New Guinea is going to ban Facebook for a month to study its impact on the general populace and try to flush out "fake users".

The Government is going to use the ban to conduct research into how the social media platform is being used in the country, DPA news agency reports Sam Basil, minister for communications, told the local Post Courier newspaper.

"This will allow genuine people with real identities to use the social network responsibly," Mr Basil said.

"We cannot allow the abuse of Facebook to continue in the country."

Facebook has been the focus of serious scrutiny for many governments after it was revealed the platform had leaked personal data of tens of millions of users to British company, Cambridge Analytica.

Mr Basil also outlined an ambitious plan that may be put in place after the study.

"We can also look at the possibility of creating a new social network site for PNG citizens to use with genuine profiles as well," he said.

DPA reports that the exact date for the ban has not been announced.

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