Pacific Update with Barbara Dreaver: Battle to stop growing environmental disaster in Solomon Islands, Cook Islands considers name change

In this week's edition of Pacific Update with Barbara Dreaver a battle to stop a growing environmental disaster in the Solomon Islands has taken on a new urgency.

Around 100 tonnes of oil fuel spilled from the ship MV Solomon Trader that ran aground on Rennell Island early last month. The oil has severely impacted marine life and the surrounding coastline of the US World Heritage island.

The 300 villagers who live nearby have had their livelihoods affected and are unable to fish. International salvage crews are trying to prevent any further damage.

We also look at why the Cook Islands is looking to change its name, and in Kiribati the New Zealand Government is funding a project to turn sea water into fresh water.

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1 NEWS’ Pacific Correspondent has a round-up of news from the region. Source: 1 NEWS