Owner horrified at shark stalking playful puppy for afternoon snack

Footage of a shark stalking a playful puppy in shallow waters at a beach in Western Australia has left the dog's owner shocked at how close the predatory fish can come to shore.

Donna Kowald was out with her husband Jason at a beach in Geraldton when she decided to video her dog, Koda, playing in the water - but there was something else on the beach front as well.

A 3m-long shark can be seen in the video just 20 metres away from Koda and the shore.

Mrs Kowald was able to call her dog away from the water but says she was horrified that her beloved puppy could have possibly been the shark's snack had they been less observant.

"We couldn't believe how close it was to the shore," she said.

"The shark was actually closer before I managed to start shooting the video with my phone.

"I know there are sharks in the ocean, but I didn't realise they came in so close."