'It was an over-reaction by Jetstar' - passenger sticks up for family booted off flight after seat argument




A passenger on a Jetstar flight that witnessed a young family being removed from the plane after an argument over seating arrangements says the airline overreacted to the situation.

The family was rebooked on a later flight after the dispute on the Bali to Adelaide journey that saw the captain kick them off.

They were apparently upset that they were unable to sit together.

A man called Brendon says he was asked by the family if he could switch seats after they found they weren't all sitting together.

Brendon told the Nine Network that he refused to move, but watched on as the situation escalated when staff got involved.

"It was an over-reaction by Jetstar," he said. "They did the wrong thing. And the families concerned were not treated properly."

"The family thought they had booked three seats together on the window side and one adjoining it across the aisle. I think because of the place of the toilet the numbers were out of synch. So that remaining seat was not beside the three others."

He disputed the airline's claim that the passengers had refused to take their allocated seats.

"That's not right. I was in my seat, the one under dispute, before take-off. They (the family) may not have been happy but they had not refused to take their seats."

Brendon also said the behaviour of the family was respectful.

The airline said in a statement: 

"We had customers board a flight from Bali to Adelaide overnight who had taken other passengers' seats and refused to move to their allocated seats.

"The passengers refused to follow numerous requests from our crew so the captain decided that they would not travel on that flight.

"Like all airlines, our customers are allocated specific seats and we can't have a situation where passengers sit wherever they like. This causes disruptions to other customers and delays the flight departing."

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