Only in Australia: Queensland driver attacked by snake while travelling at 100km/h

A man in Australia had a pretty unique excuse for speeding last month - he thought he'd been bitten by a brown snake while behind the wheel.


Nine reports that 'Jimmy' was stopped by an officer while going at 123km/h as he tried to reach a hospital in central Queensland.

He had been going 100km/h when he felt something between his legs.

"I'm driving along at 100, and I just started to brake," he told police, with the encounter recorded by the officer's body camera.

"The more I moved my legs … 'cause it's pretty big it just started to wrap around me. Its head just started striking at the (driver's seat) chair, between my legs."

He managed to kill the reptile, but then rushed towards a hospital as he believed he'd been bitten.

Thankfully for Jimmy, he was just in shock, and the police were receptive to his story.

"Although the traffic officer had heard his fair share of excuses for speeding, he soon realised this was not just another colourful tale and promptly sought medical assistance," police said in a statement.

The dead snake was located on Jimmy's ute's tray. 

"It was pretty bloody terrifying, I've never been so happy to see red and blue lights," Jimmy said.