One person dead as Typhoon Hagibis bears down on Japan

Typhoon Hagibis caused havoc before it even reached Japan with one person killed in the Chiba region.

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The super typhoon has already causing widespread damage as it battered Japan's coastline. Source: 1 NEWS

The person died after their car flipped when a tornado struck the area of Chiba.

The tornado caused significant damage and injured four people, NHK World reports.

According to local media, 27,000 households are already without power in the Chiba Prefecture and some homes have lost roofs.

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The storm is already pouring chaos on the Ruby World Cup, with matches cancelled and more under threat. Source: 1 NEWS

There are also power outages also reported in Ibaraki Prefecture.

The typhoon has brought the bustling city of Tokyo to a standstill as the typhoon approaches Japan.

Tokyo turns into ghost town as locals await typhoon. Source: 1 NEWS

Stores have put up notices about closures during Typhoon Hagibis. Source: 1 NEWS

Businesses across the city have shut until tomorrow afternoon while public transport has come to a halt as the typhoon rapidly descends on eastern and central parts of Japan.

Winds could reach 216km/h and ccause significant damage to Kanto-Koshin region, as well as central Japan.

Nearly 2,000 domestic and international flight into and out of Tokyo’s major airports have been cancelled.

Local stores in Tokyo prepare for typhoon. Source: 1 NEWS

Already causing damage

Flooding has also been reported near the coast of Shizuoka City and in the city of Hachioji with around 190,000 people told to evacuate, NHR reports.

Meteorological officials are warning locals of landslides and flooding.

Disruption to mobile phone connectivity is also a possibility as the storm nears.

Shinjuku Station suspends train services while typhoon passes over Tokyo. Source: 1 NEWS

Worst storm of the year

With locals warned this could be the most violent typhoon to hit the region since 1958 when 1200 people lost their lives, people are stocking up and preparing for 24 hours of torrential rain and fierce winds.

Stores in Tokyo are beginning to sell out of water. Source: 1 NEWS

It’s expected to bring record rainfall, with 500m predicted to fall in Tokyo.

Theme parks Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea have closed and won’t open until midday tomorrow (4pm NZT), the first time the parks have closed for a whole day since the 2011 earthquake, Japan Today reports.

Typhoon Higibis is the 19th storm to hit the region this year.