Obama opens investigation into cyber attacks during US election campaign

Seventeen US intelligence agencies blamed Russia for the hacks, which targeted emails from the Democratic Party and the Clinton campaign. Source: 1 NEWS

'Complete fabrication' – Prince Andrew denies Royal rift over role of Eugenie and Beatrice

Britain's Prince Andrew wants the media to leave his daughters alone.

The prince issued a strongly worded personal statement calling for an end to "speculation and innuendo" about his daughters, and denying reports of a feud with big brother Prince Charles.

Andrew, the third of Queen Elizabeth II's four children, slammed recent newspaper stories that he said "have no basis in fact."

He denied claims he has asked for royal titles to be bestowed on any future husbands of his daughters, 28-year-old Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, 26.

And he said "there is no truth to the story" of a split with Charles over his daughters' role in the royal family.

British newspapers have reported that Andrew, whose title is Duke of York, wants his daughters to receive taxpayer-funded salaries for their royal work.

The princesses carry out royal duties part-time, but also are building careers. Eugenie works for an art gallery, while Beatrice has had jobs in the financial sector.

Andrew, 56, said he could not stand by and watch the media speculate about his daughters "based on my purported interventions, which are completely made up and an invention."

The princesses' mother Sarah, Duchess of York, also on Friday asked people to "stop bullying the York family."

There have been claims of tension between Prince Andrew and Prince Charles over their future roles in the monarchy. Source: 1 NEWS


Staff have 'heavy hearts' as Dreamworld throws open its doors

It was the scene of tragedy a month and a half ago but families queued outside the gates of Dreamworld as the Gold Coast theme park reopened its doors following the death of four people on a ride.

Despite their enthusiam the park was noticeably quiet with many of the key attractions still closed during an ongoing safety review.

Signs were placed in front of the closed rides explaining that they are waiting for their reviews to be completed.

The Thunder River Rapids has been decommissioned and a large fence is in place around the ride, where four people lost their lives on October 25.

Local pass holders Kim Brezac and her son Dominic, 11, said they were excited to be back at the park.

"We've been respectful about why it's been closed, we're here to support the families as well as Dreamworld," Ms Brezac said.

Die-hard fans Craig and Deborah McGill both wore Dreamworld t-shirts for their visit.

The local couple come several times a week and have been eagerly awaiting the park's reopening.

"We've been waiting for the last six weeks to attend this grand event," Mr McGill said.

All nine of the park's major thrill rollercoasters are still shut, as well as Dreamworld Express, Rocky Hollow Log Ride and Shockwave.

CEO Craig Davidson paid tribute to the victims and thanked his staff for their hard work.

"Dreamworld is like a family, we have more than 1,000 team members and a fantastically supportive local community," he added.

"It was fantastic to see the support there, it felt like it was a normal Saturday morning at Dreamworld."

The Gold Coast theme park reopened six weeks after four people, including a Kiwi, were killed in a horror accident. Source: 1 NEWS