NZ based Hong Kong expats show solidarity with protesters

A Hong Kong expat living in New Zealand says he's joined in on the pro-democracy demonstrations in a show of solidarity.

Jack Yan has been away from Hong Kong for 37 years but he says that doesn't stop him feeling empathy for the protesters.

"You never really lose your connections to where you're from," he told TV ONE's Breakfast programme this morning.

Mr Yan is just one of a multitude of expats to bring the Umbrella Revolution to New Zealand.

'Do you hear the people sing?' Hong Kong protesters give leader ultimatum

He says that by staging their own protests is a sign of their support.

"You want to show the people there that there is a bit of solidarity from expats as well," he said.

Hong Kong protesters have upped the stakes this morning by threatening to occupy government buildings if the territory's leader doesn't resign by the end of the day.

Thousands more protesters took to the streets yesterday when Hong Kong celebrated its national day.

"I am quite excited for them, the numbers are growing, there are more locations, it's a great opportunity for Hong Kongans to make their feelings known," Mr Yan told Breakfast.

He says the people of Hong Kong are simply "holding the Chinese government to account" in their demands to make good on their promise of universal suffrage.