Nokia re-releases 8110 'banana phone' as former tech giant continues revival

The sale of smartphones globally took an unprecedented dip towards the end of last year, and it's left one past industry giant, Nokia, trying to grab customers though some quirky designs.

The Finnish tech company, has re-released its 8110 slider mobile phone, made famous through its appearance in the original Matrix film.

The Nokia 8110 hit the market first in 1996, and an upgraded version will be available in a striking banana yellow colour this May.

While the re-booted 8110's capabilities on the inside are now 4G, it's outward design hasn't changed a bit - shooting slider microphone and all.

The re-released 8110 was launched by Nokia at the Mobile World Congress taking place this week in Barcelona, Spain.

Nokia's retro outing this year, follows the surprise success of its re-released 3310 last year.