New Zealand passport ranked the world's eighth most desirable - but why?

The New Zealand passport is the eighth most desirable in the world, allowing its holders access to 139 countries without an advance visa, an index of passports shows.

Passport Index - the New Zealand Passport is seen in the bottom row

Global financial advisory firm Arton Capital created a passport index that allows you to sort passports for countries around the world by a "passport power rank".

The ranking is calculated by how many countries passport holders can visit without an advance visa, or by purchasing a visa on arrival.

The ranking puts the United States and United Kingdom passports first, giving access to 147 countries without an advanced visa.

The New Zealand passport is just ahead of the Australian passport, which is grouped in ninth place along with the passports of the Czech Republic and Hungary, allowing access to 138 countries without an advance visa.

Advanced economies dominate the top of the list. France, South Korea and Germany are ranked second, with access to 145 countries, followed by Italy and Sweden in third place; Denmark, Singapore, Finland, Japan, Luxembourg and the Netherlands in fourth; and Switzerland in fifth.

The passport of one country in our region - Solomon Islands - is among the least desirable.

It ranks at the bottom in 80th place, along with the passports of Myanmar, South Sudan, Sao Tome and Principe and the Palestinian Territories, giving access to just 20 countries each without an advance visa.

The passport index allows you to sort passports by location and by colour.