New Guinness Book of World Records has some weird and wonderful additions

The 62nd edition of The Guinness Book of World Records is out today, now sporting more than 4000 records. 

The Guinness Book of World Records does not distinguish between skill and stupidity, you could get dragged behind a quad bike while on fire and make it into the record book.

Josef Todtling of Austria also set the record for the longest time spent on fire, more than five minutes.

Casper the llama from Northern Wales, can officially jump higher than any other llama.

Leaping his way into the record books with a 1.1m hurdle.

After 62 years, the bar's been set high for most of the records that take real talent. 

So die-hard record nuts have resorted to inventing their own, like the fastest 50m walk on hands while holding a football between your legs. 

Then there is a Star Wars inspired mono-wheel motorbike speed record, Kevin Scott broke this, nearly hitting 100 km/h on his bike. 

There are the crazy genetic lottery records, like Lizzy who is the tallest living female dog, nearly a metre tall. 

Or the world's longest cat, Ludo the Main Coon who's 1.1m long.

If you’ve got no talent, don’t worry because the book doesn’t distinguish between skill and stupidity. Source: 1 NEWS

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