New footage shows heroic efforts to bring down London Bridge terrorist with fire extinguisher

New video has emerged showing the heroic efforts by Londoners to bring down the London Bridge terrorist Usman Khan on Saturday.

Saskia Jones, 23, has been named by police as the second victims of Saturday's attack (Friday afternoon UK time). She was fatally stabbed along with fellow Cambridge University graduate Jack Merrit.

Second London Bridge terrorist attack victim named as Saskia Jones, 23

Staff members at the venue where the stabbing took place chased Khan down the road as he tried to escape.

New footage shows a man armed with a fire extinguisher blasting the Khan, while others help bring him to the ground. He was held until armed officers arrived and shot him dead - fearing he was wearing a suicide vest.

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Two killed in terrorist knife attack near London Bridge, suspect shot dead by police

Mourners have laid flowers at London Bridges to pay their respects to the two killed.

Police are continuing to investigate the attack.