'Nazi scum!' - Anti-Trump and pro-Trump demonstrators clash in London streets



Associated Press

As thousands of protesters in London marched against Donald Trump's first visit to the UK as US President, a small group of far-right supporters emerged from a pub and scuffled with police and demonstrators.

Footage shows London police in the thick of heated exchanges, where at least three people have been arrested so far.
Source: Associated Press

Some of the far right supporters were joined by Trump supporters.

Footage shows heated exchanges between pro- and anti-Trump supporters, with at least three people being arrested as minor scuffles broke out. 

Police eventually escorted the far-right and Trump supporters away from the anti-Trump rally, allowing them to gather at the Red Lion pub near the UK Parliament. 

Throughout the day, anti-Trump demonstrators in London were seen chanting slogans to vent their disapproval over the visit, blowing horns and waving banners.

Protests in Britain are expected to continue over the weekend. 

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