NASA satellite images of Hurricane Irma show it tracking exact worst path to line up with US mainland



Associated Press

Satellite images have been released by NASA showing Hurricane Irma taking the exact worst possible path to smash over the Caribbean and into the US state of Florida.

The satellite images released by NASA track Hurricane Irma from September 1 to September 10, as it moves over the Caribbean into the US mainland.
Source: Associated Press

The satellite images cover a 10 day period from September 1 to September 10.

Hurricane Irma can be seen moving across the Atlantic Ocean and lining up directly with the Caribbean nations it decimated as original a Category 5 hurricane.

The Category 2 Hurricane Jose can also be seen in the images following the path of Irma across the Atlantic.

The huge winds caused massive damage to homes and businesses on the southern tip of Florida.
Source: Associated Press
The video taken over Biscayne Bay, shows how quickly conditions changed over the day.
Source: Associated Press

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