'My arm is in a state of paralysis' - foolish animal expert allows a venomous tarantula hawk to sting him




An animal expert allowed a tarantula hawk to strike him with a sting that is the second most painful in the world. 

On his show, Brave Wilderness, Coyote Peterson wanted to show the world what happens when a person is stung by the insect. 

Allowing the type of spider wasp to sting his arm, Mr Peterson experienced what could be one of the most painful animal stunts on television. 

The tarantula hawk is a spider wasp that paralyses its prey by injecting a 7mm long stinger and a large volume of poisonous venom.

Mr Peterson was writhing in pain and fell to the ground after the sting, practically unable to talk.

"I can't move my arm, it's the most intense pain I have ever felt. I don't think I can talk," he said while rolling on the ground. 

"It's like my arm is in a state of paralysis." 

The animal expert was clearly suffering from immense pain, becoming lightheaded as his forearm began to swell. 

This is not the first crazy stunt Mr Peterson has tried, with his Brave Wilderness channel on YouTube having lots of videos showing stunts with an array of dangerous and venomous animals.

It was the most pain the adventurer had ever felt, but it luckily lasted for only about five minutes, he said. 

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